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Welcome to the home of the Black Knights, one of the most publicly active clans of Nerfers in the world.  We are serious about what we do, but have incredible amounts of fun doing it.  We're here for personal entertainment, but spend countless hours improving each of our member's skills so as to perform to the absolute best of our abilities.
We are situated in Glendora, California.  We have several members active on the forums of both and, so if you would like to contact us, please, feel free.
You can also contact our webmaster, Falcon, via email HERE.
We hope you enjoy our clan website!  We are constantly active in major wars throughout all seasons of the year, so be sure to check back often!

The Knights are the Proud Northern Contingent of

3.25.2008 - WOW it's been a lifetime since I've updated this. A whole year's worth of wars got missed on the calendar of events...sheesh. Anywho, the calendar is officially up-to-date now, displaying ACCURATE information about wars that HAVE NOT yet happened. Two new articles are up and completed, covering physical conditioning for nerfing as well as holster styles, and descriptions of pros and cons for each. Enjoy! We'll keep up with things...promise! BIG updates on the gallery page coming soon (fixing a bunch of broken photos, not to mention adding a year's worth of war pics.) Stay tuned!

1.24.2007 - Revised the Snipers and Sniping article.

1.16.2007 - Put up more war photos.  A bunch of pictures that were taken at last year's Fall CAFF in August have been floating around, and I got ahold of them today, so they're up.  Take a look in the gallery and check it out!

12.19.2006 - Okay, it's time to actually make it possible to know when updates are happening.  We've made a number of updates fairly recently, including some new material in the Articles section as wel as updates to the calendar page.  All old events are now found through a link at the top of the calendar page on our new Calendar Archive.  Current events are listed on the main page of the Calendar of Events (see the navigation bar on your left) as they were before, but are not preceeded by old dates and events, for easier access to up-to-date information.  As always, there will be more to come, so keep on stopping by!  Nerf on!