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Black Knights Nerf
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Our Purpose
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The purpose of the Black Knights is to provide a competetive environment for people of all ages to enjoy Nerfing.  We play at least once a month, so there is always something for our members to do.
We are the birthplace of several unique modifications for Nerf guns which have been proved as efficient, deadly, and of exceptional quality and workmanship.  Such legendary setups such as the Turreted Splitfire were designed, perfected, and built by our members.  We are among the pioneers of converting Stock Micro-Size nerf darts into stefan-style darts.  These darts consistently outperform standard stefan darts, and have changed how some aspects of the game are played in Southern California as well as elsewhere.
We are constantly in search of new ways to make ourselves as individuals as well as our team as a whole more efficient on the battlefield.  Our teamwork is by no means flawless, but our drive to improve continues to bring success.
We are the hosts of the central hub of nerfing in Southern California.  Cullen Elementary School, in Glendora, CA, is THE location for the majority of the major wars in Southern California, and will be the location for the upcoming Armageddon 2006, when for the FIRST TIME large groups of East AND West-coast nerfers will all meet at once for an "epic showdown".
We hope to see you there!