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Our members are constantly in search of new ways to make themselves better players as well as better people.  They all enjoy what they do, and do it well.


Falcon is the founder of the Black Knights.  He has been nerfing since he was about three years old, scoring his first headshot on his sister at the tender age of five.  He finally took the clan public on the internet in 2003 as he continued recruiting more members.  He modifies or has modified nearly all of the guns used by the clan, and is the main representative of the clan on the forums.


Primary: Anduril /

Sidearm: Crossfire



Punisher was one of the original three who started the group.  He has been a member for all ten years of the Clan's existence.  Due to all of his experience, playing as a Knight since elementary school, he knows what he's doing and isn't afraid to show it.  He has recently become more active, and it's good to have him back.
Primary: Old-edition Supermaxx 1500
Sidearm: Nite Finder



Wolverine was the third of the original three who started the group.  He has developed a very unique style, involving showering his opponents with as many darts as possible.  If he hits you, you'll know it.  He has been nerfing for approximately six years, and fairly recently picke it up again, to a lesser degree.
Primary: Big Salvo
Sidearm: Nite Finder


Apollo was the first addition to the group beyond the original three, and is now one of the Knight's key players.  He is a very adaptable player, and will often be seen carrying multiple weapons that would be often considered standalone primaries to increase his rate of fire as well as intimidation factor.  He has a knack for adapting to changes in situation, and is much appreciated.  He has been with the group since 2001.
Primary: Lanard Blast Bazooka and Old Edition Suerpmaxx 1500
Sidearm: Lock 'n Load



Slayer was a surprise when he joined.  He refused the higher-powered weaponry available for use, and picked up a single Nite Finder and a handful of darts instead.  He then proceeded to "school" a number of members just one more time why Nite Finders are loved so much.  On occasion, he can be convinced to carry two Nite Finders, but this is a rarity.  Seen more often at the front of an attack than most all of the rest of the clan, he is quite a force, regardless of his smaller-than-average armament.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2004.
Primary: Nite Finder
Sidearm: Nite Finder (optional)



Though skeptical at first, once introduced to the game, Speed picked up nerfing with a fervor.  In only a short while, he climbed to the top and became one of the clan's most valuable assets.  He added a whole new style of Nerfing to the Knight's arsenal of players through his affinity for fully automatic weaponry and his endurance due to High School Cross-Country.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2004.
Primary: Magstrike (2 clips)
Sidearm: Dart Tagger



Sputnik is one of the most comical nerfers you will ever meet.  Though he often comments on his "lack of aim" or other such necessary abilities, he is actually quite good.  He is one of our more casual members, but we enjoy it every time he comes.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2004.
Primary: Quadded Airtech 2000



Dorito is a quite erratic nerfer.  You never really do quite know what to expect him to do...  He was only brought in a short while ago, but has dramatically increased his skills since.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2004.
Primary: Revolver Maxshot
Sidearm: Nite Finder


Snake is without question the most tactically-minded member of the group.  Everything he uses has a stock or sight on it (okay, except his pistols).  Due to his exposure to the military and other forces at a relatively early age, he prefers all his weaponry to have somewhat of a hint of realism to it.  Such thoughts spawned our Airtech 3000 with removable stock, among other innovations.  He has been since early winter of 2004.
Primary: Dual-Handled Lanard Blast Bazooka
Sidearm: Nite Finder



Sasquatch is exactly what he sounds like: HUGE.  Look at the picture, and look at the size of the Airtech 2000 he's holding.  He quickly joined the ranks of respectable players in our group.  He chose a weapon that suited his needs, and shortly knew full well how to use it.  He stuck to his quadded Airtech 2000, and is now a much appreciated asset to the clan.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2005.
Primary: Quadded Airtech 2000



Sage is another nerfer altogether.  He joined at the same time as Sasquatch, and immediately dove in to try to make himself self-sufficient.  If it weren't for his pestering Falcon about the concept art, he probably wouldn't have ever actually made the Turreted Splitfire Sage now uses.  He is still steadily improving, and is quickly finding his place in the group.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2005.
Primary: SplitTech 2000; Singled/Quadded Airtech 2000
Sidearm: Nite Finder



Superfly is the youngest member of our group, but he's got a lot of energy.  Just don't give him a Monster Energy's a bit rediculous.  He quickly picked up blocking darts with a manta ray, and the rest is history.  Every war we attend at least one person is left astonished after round 1 because of his blocking abilities.  He's a great member and gets better every time we play.  He has been nerfing since fall of 2005.
Sidearm: Manta Ray



Akai is one of our newest members.  As a first-timer, he picked up a Maxshot and loved it.  He actively attends, and is a great player.  We are quite pleased with his quickly stepping up to the challenge, and enjoy playing alongside him.  He has been nerfing since February of 2006.
Sidearm: Nite Finder


Moroni is another newer addition to the clan, and has caught on really well.  He borrowed a crossbow at Armageddon 2006 and kicked with it, so now he plays with a quad-barreled crossbow.  A great guy, and a real crackup to play with.  He has been nerfing since spring of 2006.
Primary: Quadded Crossbow