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Black Knights Nerf
Pre-YANO Warmup - February 2006
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Dorito, Speed, Sasquatch, Falcon, Panda, Akai, and Sage.

Sage and Slayer Face off.

Apollo, Falcon, Panda, and Sage.

Sage and Akai circling the junglegym.

Falcon, some kid, Slayer, and Dorito.

Dorito, Sage, Apollo, some other kid, Akai, Speed, Sasquatch, Slayer, and Falcon.

Speed, Slayer, Falcon, and Dorito.

Sasquatch and Slayer taking cover.

Dorito and Panda rushing at Speed on the fort.

Apollo, Slayer, Panda, Dorito, Falcon, some kid #1, and Sasquatch.

The only thing we really went against was the age limit... Then again, we didn't bother reading the instructions on the back, and I'm pretty sure stand-up surfing down the spiral slidw with a powerclip wasn't on their "do" list.