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Black Knights Nerf
Fall CAFF 2006
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Snake in the foreground, and a guest in the background.

Sasquatch and Apollo.

Apollo and Superfly.

A guest, Snake, and Slayer.

Apollo facing off with a cluster of opponents.

Looking for something to shoot.

Apollo and Superfly with Slayer in the foreground.

Apollo and Slayer face off. Lanard Blast Bazooka versus Nite Finder. Who will emerge victorious?

Apollo and Superfly.

Snake raising his gun in victory. Or just being stupid.



Snake in the background, and Superfly, foregound.

Guest and Snake reloading.

break time!


Apollo practicing his dance moves.

Drop the Blast Bazooka! I said DROP it!

Dart sweep! What fun!

End of the day. And stuff.